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ZOOMLION Equipment Strides forward…
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ZOOMLION Equipment Strides forward…

In recent years, ZOOMLION has accelerated the pace of overseas expansion, and its products have sounded the “charge” of going global. With the continuous deepening of the overseas business system based on end-to-end, digitalization and localization, the competitiveness of ZOOMLION’s products in overseas markets will be significantly improved by 2023. It will win sales volume and reputation in key and benchmark markets, demonstrating its strong position as a representative of China’s intelligent equipment manufacturing.

The new generation of tower cranes is also widely acclaimed overseas.

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Concrete equipment such as pump trucks, mixer trucks, trailer pumps and vehicle-mounted pumps are also widely used in overseas construction projects.

In 2023, the emerging segment of ZOOMLION’s construction machinery will accelerate to go global, achieving an increase both in brand awareness and sales volume.

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