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600 Units Golden Dragon CNG Buses to Upgrade Monterey Public Transport Network in Mexico

600 Units Golden Dragon CNG Buses to Upgrade Monterey Public Transport Network in Mexico


From January to August this year, Golden Dragon exported over 5,000 its buses, recording a three-digit growth rate, which is far above the industrial average. Among its major overseas orders, the one purchasing 600 units CNG city buses from Monterey in Mexico is particularly eye-catching.  

Among all China’s bus export destinations, Mexico ranks the second place and it boasts a formidable presence of buses & coaches made in China. “Several bus brands have been exploring the Mexican market for years and they have made impressive achievements. To improve its public transport network, Monterey, the third largest city in Mexico, placed an order of 600 units of our CNG city buses after acquiring a full knowledge of our company and our products”, said Wang Jinji, Deputy General Manager of Golden Dragon Overseas Sales Company.


“It is truly a remarkable feat for us to deliver the 600 units customized CNG city buses to our customer in Mexico within three months. It also marks a brand new start for our cooperation with our customer. So far, we have already established our after-sales service network and built our spare parts warehouses in the country”, revealed Wang Jinji.

Later, the bus model went through a series of stringent tests in Hainan and it accumulated a mileage of nearly 20,000 km in just 30 days, fully meeting all the requirements set by bus operators in Monterey. Built on the huge success of Golden Dragon PIVOT model with a low-floor access, the bus has a special boarding ramp for wheelchairs and LED screens on board.
In 2022, with a total annual export volume of over three million units automobiles, China surpassed Germany for the very first time and became the second largest exporter of automobiles in the world. 
From January to October this year, China maintained a fast growth in its export of automobiles with its sales in the overseas market jumping by 62.4% year on year and reaching 4.239 million units. In the same period, China’s export of commercial vehicles went up by 20.8% year on year, reaching 642,000 units.
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